Thank you for your interest in donating to United Village!

Currently, all donations are sent through our fiscal steward, Interfaith Community Sanctuary.   Rest assured, 100% of the funds specifically sent to United Village will be forwarded appropriately by our friends at ICS.  We will graciously accept donations made to United Village’s general fund, or towards one of the Fundraising Projects listed below.

To donate online:
1.  Click here
2.  Enter the amount of your donation
3.  Select your method of payment (debit/credit card, or paypal)
4.  Click “Add special instructions to the seller” and populate the field with “United Village” and include any details (i.e. specific project/cause, if applicable)
5. After entering in all of the required information, select “Donate Now”

To donate by  check:
1.  Make the check out to ICS
2.  Write “United Village” in the memo
3.  Send to Interfaith Community Sanctuary:  1763 NW 62nd St., Seattle, WA 98107

Empathy Ambassador and Peace Camp International Counselor Training
From July 13 – 15, we will be partnering with World Without Hate to do a weekend workshop training for our counselors, as well as teachers and other adults wanting to take leadership in bringing peace and reconciliation back into our communities.  We want to make it affordable to everyone, so we are looking for donors and sponsors to help us with expenses for this event.

Four of these Peace Camp International counselors, plus at least two more will be attending our training in July.  We are opening up the training to teachers, parents, and the general public, as well. We would like the training to be affordable for all.


Sponsoring a student to attend school:
*Please note, this is an ongoing endeavor.  At this time we are especially trying to raise university funds for students who have excelled in high school.

Thus far, United Village has raised funds to support five students in this photo – from elementary school to university.  There are more that could use our help.